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Book Review: The Wishing Rock Theory of Life by Pam Stucky

The people of Wishing Rock, WA have returned!

In Pam Stucky’s second book we pick up right where the first book ended.  The style of narrative takes the form of emails, text messages and one or two old hand written letters from the past.  The story captivates you from beginning to end with the witty and heartwarming conversations of this community who all live in the same building on a little island in the middle of Puget Sound.  The women of the community set out on monthly activities: dancing, boot camp (I sympathized with that one), and going to a lovely spa for mud baths, massages and all sorts of relaxation. While the men set out to look for a ‘buried treasure’ only to also learn a little about some of their pasts in the process.  We meet a few new members and visitors to the community and get to imagine exactly what some of the distillery’s new flavours taste like.  There is a bit of a mystery and we learn more about everyone on the Island.  The book also has a few recipes that the community share with each other.  If you enjoy funny, heartwarming and an engaging story you should pick up a copy of  The Wishing Rock Theory of Life.

All I know is I wish I could move to Wishing Rock. I can’t wait for book three!


Book Review: Letters From Wishing Rock

I bought this book to support a new writer who I know of. I knew her writing would be good and that I would enjoy the book, but I didn’t know I wouldn’t be able to put it down until the very last page.  It was a delightfully entertaining story about a young woman who relocates to an Island in the middle of Puget Sound and how she learns to trust in love again. I giggled through a great deal of the book as a result of the witty writing.  Now this book isn’t written in the usual prose format, the author uses the form of emails and texts from different characters to tell the story of Wishing Rock. I highly recommend this book to anyone looking for a well written book of fiction.

You can find it at online retailers in many formats.  I would visit Pam’s website to find out what formats it is available in.

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