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It is summer and I find that Popsicles keep one cool.  The issue I find is that my favorite flavours are never in the right box.  I love lime, root beer and cherry. I never find them in the same box and they always have some gross flavour like strawberry or banana with them. Really I would just love a box of cherry and lime.  Today I managed to get the last box of cherry, grape and mandarin pops from the grocery store. I am not a huge fan of grape, but I will take it any day over strawberry.  I really like the “real fruit” ‘sicles the best, but again strawberry is just icky, it has seeds in it.  I dislike consuming chunks when I am trying to cool down with a Popsicle.

So think of me when you are standing in the frozen food aisle.  I will be dreaming of my favorite flavours in one box.


Southern Summer

I love walking down the warm tree-lined streets of Charlotte.

Feeling the humid velvet breeze on my naked arms.

Breathing in the smells of summer, the Magnolia is my favorite

listening to the song of the Cicada, their timbales rasping out in hopes of finding a mate.

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