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Bee Spring

I have been trying to get a picture of the Bumble Bee that loves my azaleas for over a week and today I finally captured it.  It is a very busy bee.


My windows are open today, that means spring is arriving.  As the breeze wafts into my bedroom I can smell the flowers in my garden outside.  The Hyacinth have been blooming for a week and their divine smell is just heaven.  I only have a few of these plants, I really need to find some more, but even the few I have is enough to scent the yard.

 I love being able to air out the house with open windows, it always reminds me of growing up in Seattle.  For me this time of the year is an indulgence, because soon the humidity will rise and make it too warm to want to open doors and windows.  So I savor this time of year.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Ready

Weekly Photo Challenge: Spring

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