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I truly feel that some people really need to think about the consequences of their actions.  

Yes, you might get your way, but was it really for the best or did it just make you feel better?  

Do remember that to every action there is an opposite reaction, and you may not like it in the end. 

Just so sad really.



I have always known that change is a part of life.  You begin to learn this in grade school when you get a new teacher every year. It does seem that as adults we dislike change more and more though.  I am by no means good at changes I really do like things to stay the same, but I have found I am far more resilient in nature when it comes to change than a lot of people. I often see some change as a great adventure, other times I am just like everyone else I don’t particularly enjoy it but I also realize that things change for a reason. Some change is unavoidable like when the bank that holds your Mortgage sells it off to another bank, or when your favorite social media site changes things around a bit and you have to adjust.  I remember reading a book about ten years ago “Who Moved My Cheese”, that book was a great lesson in work place changes.  It taught me a lot about trying to roll with the punches, especially at work.  Because instability in my workplace really made me nervous.  The unknown in an environment where you spend most of your life could be quite disconcerting especially if handled poorly by those in charge.   I have found that the book can translate to home life as well, and for some reason is actually easier to deal with there maybe because one has more control over daily life at home.  Or maybe the reason I can deal with change better is because as a woman we have so many changes going on all the time in our lives.  Our bodies change, When we marry we change our names, then the biggest change of all when children arrive everything changes.  So how do you deal with change? Is it something you look forward to or dread?

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