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What’s the one thing you hope other people never say about you?

The one thing I hope people never say about me is that my house smells like cats.  I have two boys, both fixed, and I always worry that someone will comment on that.  I work hard to curb my desire to save all the abandoned pets in the world by only having two at a time.  I have also found that if you ask people directly if the house smells, they always tell you no.  So I never believe them.  Here are the boys hanging out on a sofa I had put in the living room the day Salvation Army was going to come pick it up.  



I was looking at my pillows today on my bed and realized I really missed my little Quinn.  She passed away three years ago, the day I brought Whiskey Jade home to live with us.  She had been very sick for a while by then so it wasn’t surprising, it was like she had been hanging on until I had a new little one to take care of.  I love Whiskey, he is a great little guy, but he isn’t Quinn.  Quinn was very cuddly and she loved sleeping on the pillows on my bed.  

I got Quinn the first April that I lived in Charlotte. She was my birthday present to myself to help me adjust to the ending of a fairly serious relationship and to celebrate nearly a year in a new place.  Quinn was the only kitten who was really active in the pen and I loved her colouring, it was so distinctive.  She was actually hanging upside down in the crate.  It was love at first sight, she was about 10 weeks old.  I brought her home and we bonded right away.  I still remember the first morning she woke me up hissing at the ceiling fan, which was always on to keep the room cool.  She was trying to jump up and catch it and she was a bit frustrated that she couldn’t reach it.  This was how life began with this little girl.  She loved climbing, one of her favorite places was on top of the doors. I did try to leash train her so that I could take her outside; she had NO interest in that.  She was decidedly an inside momma’s cat, she loved being near me, sleeping on me and purring to her heart’s content. I had to break my no sleeping with the pets rule because she would cry outside my door, it really didn’t take much for me to cave on that rule.  I still smile when I think about the fact that Quinn had to be in contact with me at all times at night, if I moved away from her she would just wiggle closer, she usually slept under the covers too.  I used to have a picture of her under the covers with her head on the pillow, just like a person.  I know during the day she was either sitting on the window sills or she was curled up on a pillow in my room.  My neighbors used to comment about how they thought my kitten, by this time Quinn was 12, had such lovely colouring.  Quinn had been with me through floods, hurricanes and two moves.  So it was hard on me when she got really sick, but I knew she wanted to be with me until the day she died.  But, until today I never really realized how much I missed her sleeping on my pillow.

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