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Winter Flashback

It was garbage day today and we are experiencing a torrential rain.  There is water everywhere, my backyard always begins to resemble a small swamp when it rains, right except for a bit of lawn close to the house everything else is under water. I also have a small creek running down the middle of my driveway.  When I got home tonight I dreaded going back out to get the trash and recycling bins, but I knew if I didn’t it would only be worse tomorrow morning, or probably tomorrow night.  So I donned my gloves, wrapped up to keep the damp off and ran out to move my bins back to the house.  It was so wet my boots got soaked and my gloves needed a bit of wringing out.  I decided to hang them on a heater vent, which reminded of grade school when our teachers would let us put our shoes on the radiators so they could dry out.

At my elementary school very few children rode the bus, most of us walked.  I loved walking to school when it rained because you could jump the puddles, play in the storm water ditches and splash each other for nearly a 1/4 of a mile before you got to school.  Clearly we were out of our minds as children to behave this way, but we were young and the world was far more innocent. As a result of this close proximity and that there was a lot of water many children were soaked to the bone.  Honestly I do not know how our teachers coped with us, the interesting side note is I don’t think any of us were ever that sick, we were a hardy little group. So while we sat eagerly in our desks learning, our shoes and perhaps gloves and hats all adorned the radiators drying through the day until lunch when we went down to the cafeteria to eat. We didn’t get to have recess outside in the rain so there was no chance of us getting our clothes or shoes wet once we were in the building for the day.  We had our recess time in our classroom, and I looked forward to those days of spending time in the warm and slightly steamy classroom.  For some reason it is memories like this which make me happy.

glovesWhile my heating vent isn’t quite as fancy as the school radiator it does the job.


Camping is a great memory, never a good reality

Let me tell you about camping.  I loved it when I was a kid. I loved going hiking up in the mountains, setting up the tent and cooking out in the open.  I still like those parts some, but the reality for me is I can not stand sleeping on the hard ground and being dirty much anymore.  The sad thing is I really came to realize this when I drove from Seattle to North Carolina and found that camping was just not so  pleasant.

Don’t get me wrong, I have great memories of camping all the way through my last year of college.  I remember the year people in my dorm went camping on the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia, we put up our tents on the sand for the weekend. It was great.  The sun was shining the whole time and it was just beautiful.  I didn’t mind that there was no running water, sand was in everything and that we had to pack in all that we brought with us.

I even remember week-long camping trips my dad and step-mom would take us on.  We would hike 5 or 10 miles into the Cascade Mountain back country and camp near a river or lake for the week.  I was ten, I thought it was great.  The woods were our playground. I didn’t bring books with me back then so I know whatever us kids were up to it was playing in the woods or swimming in the water.  Oh the water was wonderful, it was usually really cold because it was snow melt.  Although right now sitting in an 80 degree house a lake of snow melt water sounds glorious.

One of my favorite camping trips was with my friend Jeff.  We hiked up through this ridge full of fireweed, it felt like you walking through a Monet painting.  After coming down off the ridge we meandered up another trail to meet up with the Cascade Crest Trail for a short bit, before pitching our tents on a rock jutting out over a small glacial lake.  We spent four days up there and actually met some rather interesting people.  That was the penultimate camping trip for me.  The last one was when I was coming to North Carolina and I ended up giving up the tent for a hotel room about halfway through the trip because I just couldn’t stand sleeping on the hard cold ground anymore.  Now prefer cabins in the woods up above the bugs, snakes and cold ground. They must have beds, running water and screens on the windows, because I really hate the bugs out here in North Carolina.

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