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Sunday Musings 18 March 2012

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I just spent an hour writing a blog and it disappeared. Clearly I was not supposed to be picking Duke and their sad sad loss. I am still very glad they lost, especially to a #15 ranked school, it just made their loss so much sweeter. I will stop laughing at the arrogance of Duke’s fans who think they were robbed.

Spring is arriving on Wednesday along with my dad’s birthday and Western Washington’s Division II game in Kentucky. I am working on plans to move my daffodils to a side bed and my irises to the back bed. The Irises need room to grow. I really love Spring, it just smells of renewal and new beginnings. This spring will be the spring that find a new beginning in my vocation.


March Madness is here, IN this house

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March Madness has arrived. Yes, I do mean the NCAA Playoffs for basketball.  I have to wait until basketball season before anything good is happening at my school, sports wise that.  I do enjoy the rivalry between schools and their alumni – they are very loyal here one of my friends even painted his pool room Clemson Orange.  Not to mention, when I was working in an office with a large group of civil engineers I swear all the engineers had attended, what seemed like, a different engineering school in the US. All of these schools are  NCAA Division I universities and they were all quite proud of their Alma Maters and would tell each other so especially on game days.

Me, however, I attended an NCAA Division II school out west so I have never felt a particular devotion to any school in Division I.  Well that isn’t entirely true, I grew up cheering for the University of Washington Huskies because it was the town university and we were proud of Pac 10 status because it was really the only Division I athletic conference out on the West Coast, I was sure that all other schools just played each other because no one was as good as schools in the PAC 10 (now PAC 12).  Heck until I moved to Charlotte I didn’t really know what I was getting into.  During football season it is all about watching UNC or NC State beat the pants off Duke (well Basketball season is the same way).

North Carolina is very into their basketball.  I guess that is to be expected when NBA greats like Michael Jordan graced their University basketball courts.  I am excited about this year because you see my school, Western Washington University, just made it into the Division II Elite Eight! So while the Division I playoffs don’t start until this weekend I am already on a high knowing that this might be the year that Western makes it to the finals.  I have my fingers crossed that Kentucky is very good to the Vikings this year.  I won’t get to see them on TV like I will Division I, but I will still be cheering on my team on the 21st.

Now I just need to finish up my Division I brackets and submit them.  I hope UNC wins this year, they always mess up my bracket.

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