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Southern Snow

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It is snowing here and everyone and the excitement builds as the snow keeps falling; shelves are bare of milk, bread, batteries and beer in anticipation of a day being stranded at home. Now I get the fact that parents want their kids to experience the magic of playing in the snow, but I hate it. It is wet and cold.

Every time it snows here I recall my college days in Bellingham, WA and one of our friends who was from California.  He was very excited the day it started snowing – we were nonplussed we knew what it meant.  He was dancing around singing about how he would play in the snow and have so much fun.  Until the reality hit him, or maybe it was the snow ball, he would have to wear pants.  We had been wearing shorts up until that fateful day. He froze for about a week before his pants arrived from California. We had brought ours with us when we moved in. At least that is how I like to think about how it went down, it has been almost twenty-five years now so things might have happened differently.  Regardless his discomfort was nothing compared to the entertainment value of watching southerners prepare for snow.

My first winter here I learned that a winter weather advisory meant that you must run to the store and buy 20 loaves of bread, a million batteries, 10 gallons of milk and 3 or 4 cases of beer to get you through the snow day. I was very confused, because growing up in Seattle it doesn’t snow that much and we never had that kind of rush to the store, plus the terrain was far more hilly. I still do not fathom the need for all the supplies, but I do notice that many natives make a huge joke out of it now, so they also see the humor of it.

Don’t get me wrong I appreciate the proactive behaviour of employers, the highway dept, and other places who want to encourage resident safety. But sometimes you just need to have something to laugh at.

IMG_2945Like the fact that yesterday the shelves at one grocery store were quickly selling out their stock of bread and the Organic milk was apparently gone too. Honestly I wish we had been this cautious when I was growing up, except I wouldn’t have learned to drive in the snow and ice because driver’s ed would have been cancelled.  I bet we only get a light dusting.


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Who’s getting old?

Missed CallThis morning I woke up and checked my blackberry well to see what time it was really, although checking messages is always important too, one must keep up with what is going on in the world you know. I saw I had two missed calls and a voice-mail, I started freaking out a bit because I was worried that I had missed a call from my parents.  I scrolled through to see that the area code wasn’t from my parents and I didn’t recognize the number so I just put the phone down and went back to sleep, you all do not want to think about what time I wake up on weekend mornings with out an alarm clock.

When I got up an hour later I checked my voice-mail just to get it cleared out and someone had drunk dialed me.  My first thought was, why don’t I ever get drunk dialed by people I know, this thought lasted about ten seconds because I realized all my friends are beyond the age and behavior of drunk dialing. We are all growing up and getting mature. Which is kind of sad because I miss those carefree days, but I also know it is part of the changing cycle of life.

I have thought about this some, since next summer is my 30th high school reunion.  I still have trouble realizing I graduated in the mid 80’s with all the big hair, Members Only Jackets, Parachute pants and John Hughes movies. Most of my classmates are married and busy sending their first born children off to university. My oldest niece had her first child, making me a great aunt, making my dad a great grandpa. There are days when I just want to throw caution to the wind and do something spontaneous, which is why I know I am not stuffy.

I mean do you ever get the urge to ride the cart through the parking lot after you have shopped?  I do, sometimes, and really the only thing that keeps me from doing, aside from my arthritic knees, is that it might not seem right as adult. I am glad my younger days were before the advent of social media. Only the universe knows what us Gen-Xers would have got up to if the incentive to have our pictures plastered all over the internet for free had existed back then.

I also don’t feel old, I just ignore the fact that I wear bifocals and my joints creak every time I work in the yard. I do know it is a state of mind. This is the entire reason I started writing this blog in the first place.  To talk about the events in the life of a woman striding towards her 50’s.  Yep you saw that and I will always admit to my age, no one believes me anyway.

So here’s to all the kids in us who want to ride the shopping carts through the grocery store parking lot, and wish we still had friends who drunk dialed us (okay maybe that is going a bit far) may the child in all of us always stay strong and be there to help keep us young!

Pet Peeve – Shopping Carts


I am trying hard not to make this blog about my pet peeves.  So I apologize in advance.  I have a huge peeve about shopping carts and what people do with them.  First living in the south they call them buggies, and frankly that just sounds weird so that is one peeve although I generally just ignore it people can’t help it if they weren’t raised to call them carts.

My first issue with carts, parents who put their children in carts and don’t buckle the kid in.  Well I realize that is not the fault of the cart, but today I nearly watched a 2-year-old fall out because his mama didn’t buckle him in.  What was worse was she swatted him for not sitting down.  Um he is 2 (or there abouts) it isn’t his fault you left him untethered to the cart.

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Second, If can’t take the time to put the cart back don’t use one.  It makes the parking lot a demolition derby to be chasing around to avoid the cart you didn’t put into the cart corral. Today I actually took one along with my cart to the corral because it was just floating along in the driving lane.  You can probably guess how I feel when I see carts abandoned on the sidewalk miles away from the grocery store. It just makes me sad that people do that sort of thing, seems to show a lack of caring about their neighborhood. that is probably why I love shopping at Aldi Food store so much, you have to pay to get a cart and the incentive is to return the cart to get your quarter back.  I have actually made money at the store, because a few people do not care to return their carts, silly people they just lost money.

Third, and this is the carts fault as far as I am concerned: carts with flat tires – yep it can happen, bumping tires that thump around the grocery store, or squeaky tires.  I hate drawing further attention to my shopping habits so a cart like this usually gets left at the door for some other unsuspecting individual, but sometimes you don’t have a choice and are then forced to walk around the store making more noise than a screaming child. I hate it most when I go to a big store like Target.

So please remember buckle up the kid, put the cart away, and have a great day!

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