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Small Town Life

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I live in a smallish town, one that reminds me of where I grew up.  There is one small problem with living in a small town though, everyone loves to get in your business.  we have a lot small businesses to support.  There are favorites and then the ones people love to pick on.  Me, I am a bit more choosy about these places especially restaurants.  If someone gives a bad review of one of these places all of their fans gang up on the reviewer, because that is the adult thing to do.  Today one of these reviews happened and honestly I kind of love watching the fireworks, it amuses me how passionate people are about forcing everyone to love their restaurant.  I have mixed feelings about a lot of positive reviews about a place, it makes me wonder because I know I have been to countless places that everyone just loved and raved about and I found the experience less than stellar so I prefer mixed reviews about a place. I also hate to break it to people, but not everyone is going to enjoy the same kinds of places. ME? I dislike Italian restaurants, unless they specialize in pizza and it won’t matter how many rave reviews a place gets I am not going to drive more than 5 miles to try a place out when I can make the same dish at home for much less. Anyway, one of the other things I found highly amusing was that one person said we weren’t professional restaurant critics.  This amused me because she seemed to devalue a customer’s review of a place and place a journalists review above the rest of us.  Just goes to show that some people can not truly be objective about anything not even a customer’s comments about a place.  I also added a new restaurant and a bakery to my list of places I will never go to because of how the owner of those establishments decided to treat legitimate future customers, by saying we needed to learn to speak up for ourselves so that the restaurant could fix the issues while we were there.  She didn’t seem to understand that not everyone is comfortable with that and that often times it isn’t a productive thing to do. I’ve had the chef yell at me in restaurants because I didn’t like something I am not going to do that again ever and honestly if something isn’t seasoned right or tastes off well the owner/chef/cook should have caught it before I did because they are in the kitchen and they should know how things taste before they even leave the kitchen. If they don’t it is on them.  Anyway enough ranting about small town minds.  I need to head off to bed.


Southern Snow

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It is snowing here and everyone and the excitement builds as the snow keeps falling; shelves are bare of milk, bread, batteries and beer in anticipation of a day being stranded at home. Now I get the fact that parents want their kids to experience the magic of playing in the snow, but I hate it. It is wet and cold.

Every time it snows here I recall my college days in Bellingham, WA and one of our friends who was from California.  He was very excited the day it started snowing – we were nonplussed we knew what it meant.  He was dancing around singing about how he would play in the snow and have so much fun.  Until the reality hit him, or maybe it was the snow ball, he would have to wear pants.  We had been wearing shorts up until that fateful day. He froze for about a week before his pants arrived from California. We had brought ours with us when we moved in. At least that is how I like to think about how it went down, it has been almost twenty-five years now so things might have happened differently.  Regardless his discomfort was nothing compared to the entertainment value of watching southerners prepare for snow.

My first winter here I learned that a winter weather advisory meant that you must run to the store and buy 20 loaves of bread, a million batteries, 10 gallons of milk and 3 or 4 cases of beer to get you through the snow day. I was very confused, because growing up in Seattle it doesn’t snow that much and we never had that kind of rush to the store, plus the terrain was far more hilly. I still do not fathom the need for all the supplies, but I do notice that many natives make a huge joke out of it now, so they also see the humor of it.

Don’t get me wrong I appreciate the proactive behaviour of employers, the highway dept, and other places who want to encourage resident safety. But sometimes you just need to have something to laugh at.

IMG_2945Like the fact that yesterday the shelves at one grocery store were quickly selling out their stock of bread and the Organic milk was apparently gone too. Honestly I wish we had been this cautious when I was growing up, except I wouldn’t have learned to drive in the snow and ice because driver’s ed would have been cancelled.  I bet we only get a light dusting.


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Let’s slow it down…

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During lunch today I overheard a woman at the microwave saying that the thing was taking too long.  NOT that it was taking forever to get her food heated up, but that the 2 minutes she put on the timer was taking too long.


My first thought was, a minute is a minute it isn’t going to go any faster. But I hear that a lot at work that the microwaves take too long. Which I don’t get. It isn’t like we are waiting hours for our food to warm up, just a few minutes.


It got me to thinking maybe we need to slow it down a bit.  Stop rushing around. Heck at lunch we have an hour, take an hour to enjoy your lunch don’t rush through it.  The hour is still 60 minutes, last time I checked.


So slow it down, savor the moment.


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It is summer and I find that Popsicles keep one cool.  The issue I find is that my favorite flavours are never in the right box.  I love lime, root beer and cherry. I never find them in the same box and they always have some gross flavour like strawberry or banana with them. Really I would just love a box of cherry and lime.  Today I managed to get the last box of cherry, grape and mandarin pops from the grocery store. I am not a huge fan of grape, but I will take it any day over strawberry.  I really like the “real fruit” ‘sicles the best, but again strawberry is just icky, it has seeds in it.  I dislike consuming chunks when I am trying to cool down with a Popsicle.

So think of me when you are standing in the frozen food aisle.  I will be dreaming of my favorite flavours in one box.

I thought for a while about this topic.  Then while I was getting this chick ready for roasting it hit me.  This was an opportunity to create something wonderful.

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