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Smells I love…


  • I love the smell of fresh made coffee and ground beans.  I have actually always loved the smell, it just took me years to learn to like the beverage.
  •  Clothes when they come off the clothes line all crisp, sun warmed and air-dried.  While I don’t hang my clothes to dry outside I can still beckon the scent back at any time.  Maybe I should bribe someone to hang up a clothes line so I can dry my sheets outside.
  • Roses, they always remind me of growing up.
  •  Lemons so clean and crisp.
  •  Leaf Mold reminds me of college days and walking by Old Main to get to class.
  •  Creosote and salt water, reminds of summer days at my grandparent’s house and going to the beach.
  • Wet Sand reminds me of digging for clams early in the summer mornings on Lopez Island in the San Juans where we had a small place. (Miniscule trust me). I could spend hours down there with our dog digging clams and tossing driftwood for her to chase.
  • Fried Calamari always reminds of Christmas at my grandparent’s house. Days of innocence and happiness.

A Conversation with my dad

I had to call my dad last night to get some advice on how to prepare my Christmas dinner.  This was the conversation. This year I have taken extra care in learning to cook new dishes.  It also helps that I do not own a microwave oven, this has motivated me to actually learn to cook my meals rather than just heat things up.

Me: “Hi Dad, Merry Christmas, I have some cooking advice and the directions online weren’t very helpful.”

Dad: “Okay go ahead what are you making this time?”

Me: “I am making Prime Rib with Fresh horseradish sauce and asparagus.”

Dad: “Sounds good.”

Me: “So I bought fresh horseradish and I really don’t know how to prepare it.”

Dad: “Did you get a root or something in a can?”

Me: “A Root, I couldn’t find anything else.”

Dad: “Peel it with a peeler than use your food processor to chop it up. It is going to be really strong, you will probably only need about a quarter of the root for your dinner. Oh and if you have latex gloves wear them, horse radish is tough to wash off.  DO NOT rub your eyes.” (I know he is thinking, I know how you are about rubbing your face and eyes so be careful.) Then mix in some vinegar and salt.

Me: “Okay I am going to make a cream sauce with the horseradish.”

Dad: “Where did you find that recipe?”

Me: “On a cooking show on PBS.”

Dad: “I am sure you will be fine, just be careful fresh cut horseradish is really strong.”

Me: “So the Prime Rib Roast, how long do I cook it?”

Dad: “How much did it weigh?”

Me: “About Three Pounds, I had to get it cut special for me.”

Dad: “Why Prime Rib?”

Me: “Well I wanted to do something different and it was on sale at the grocery store.”

Dad: “Is it on the bone?”

Me: “Yes, although I read I am supposed to cut off the bone and then tie back together. Do I really need to do that?”

Dad: “No, just put it bone down and I guess cook it for about 45 minutes, I don’t really know because I use a meat thermometer, where is your meat thermometer?”

Me: “I don’t have one.”

Dad: “Why not?”

Me: “I don’t know there are a lot of kitchen accessories I don’t have.  No one has ever told me what I must have in a kitchen.” (I have to admit at this point I am pretty sure my dad is thinking “How is it that a child of mine doesn’t know what needs to be in her kitchen? she DOES cook a lot”)  You see my dad is a professional cook, I bet I will be getting a meat thermometer for my birthday.  He was pretty miffed that I didn’t have one.

Dad: “45 minutes should be enough, don’t cook it more than that or your meat will be tough and I know how you are about tough meat.”

Me: “Okay thanks Dad”

Dad: “So what else are you having with dinner?”

Me: “I bought a bottle of Pinot Noir, this is the first Red wine I have had in four years I didn’t want to buy anything really heavy and suffer with a massive migraine so I thought I would ease into Reds again with something light.”

Dad: “Sounds okay, should have got a Cab though.  Well we are Christmas shopping so I should let you go.”

Me: “okay have a Merry Christmas.”…………..


Convo goes on for a bit but it isn’t about dinner…..

It is too late now to get Latex Gloves so making the Horseradish sauce tomorrow is going to be an adventure.

Christmas Deliveries

I love Christmas because you always get so much mail. This year it has been the bumper crop of deliveries, sadly none were for me I was apparently chosen randomly by UPS and USPS to be the neighborhood elf. I don’t mind really but it is kind of funny that they can’t find the right houses and since I have my porch light on they assume either I am the right house or that at least I am home and can run it by my neighbors when they are home.

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