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Small Town Life

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I live in a smallish town, one that reminds me of where I grew up.  There is one small problem with living in a small town though, everyone loves to get in your business.  we have a lot small businesses to support.  There are favorites and then the ones people love to pick on.  Me, I am a bit more choosy about these places especially restaurants.  If someone gives a bad review of one of these places all of their fans gang up on the reviewer, because that is the adult thing to do.  Today one of these reviews happened and honestly I kind of love watching the fireworks, it amuses me how passionate people are about forcing everyone to love their restaurant.  I have mixed feelings about a lot of positive reviews about a place, it makes me wonder because I know I have been to countless places that everyone just loved and raved about and I found the experience less than stellar so I prefer mixed reviews about a place. I also hate to break it to people, but not everyone is going to enjoy the same kinds of places. ME? I dislike Italian restaurants, unless they specialize in pizza and it won’t matter how many rave reviews a place gets I am not going to drive more than 5 miles to try a place out when I can make the same dish at home for much less. Anyway, one of the other things I found highly amusing was that one person said we weren’t professional restaurant critics.  This amused me because she seemed to devalue a customer’s review of a place and place a journalists review above the rest of us.  Just goes to show that some people can not truly be objective about anything not even a customer’s comments about a place.  I also added a new restaurant and a bakery to my list of places I will never go to because of how the owner of those establishments decided to treat legitimate future customers, by saying we needed to learn to speak up for ourselves so that the restaurant could fix the issues while we were there.  She didn’t seem to understand that not everyone is comfortable with that and that often times it isn’t a productive thing to do. I’ve had the chef yell at me in restaurants because I didn’t like something I am not going to do that again ever and honestly if something isn’t seasoned right or tastes off well the owner/chef/cook should have caught it before I did because they are in the kitchen and they should know how things taste before they even leave the kitchen. If they don’t it is on them.  Anyway enough ranting about small town minds.  I need to head off to bed.


Being Sick……..

I've been sick for a couple of weeks now. I we...

I make one of the world’s worst patients.  I decided that this weekend while I was basically stuck in bed with the flu. The biggest problem with being sick is I have no one to whine to until I have enough energy to get up and blog about it. My cats hated me because I kept kicking them out of bed. I was too ill to feed them as well and they hated that. They probably would have begun gnawing on me if I hadn’t feebly gotten out of bed and filled their bowl with some food before nearly passing out on the kitchen floor. Thankfully, I made it the arm-chair in the living room and stayed there for the next 24 hours.

It can easily be said I despise being sick.  I am currently about 80% better, which means I am able to get up, go to work, and come home to collapse in the arm-chair until 5 am the next day.

One thing I found funny is one of my co workers asked me yesterday what my temp was while I was sick.  I laughed and told her I was way too sick to get out of bed and get my thermometer.  Although the whole time I was laying there shivering from the chills or burning up from the fever I kept thinking I really need to get up and find the thermometer so I can check to see what my temperature is.

At least I am over the flu and I am good for the rest of the year.

I am not a huge fan of phones

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I am really not a huge fan of phones, land line or cellular.  But we must have a phone so people can talk to us, so I have a  cell phone.  I recently started a new job.  We are so busy I can only check my phone during breaks and at lunch, if I remember to. Friday I remembered to check my phone at lunch.  I had 10 missed calls and four voice-mails, when I checked them they were all hang ups.  So I went to check the recent call list.  All the numbers were from the same place.  So here is my deal, if you called the first time and you got my voice-mail why did you call me 9 more times and leave my 3 more hang ups? You knew you were calling the wrong number by the second call and voice-mail you left me.  Then later Friday night, or was it Saturday morning-it was midnight, my phone started ringing again I could hear it buzzing in the drawer where I put it at night.  I checked the number to make sure it was not my parents or anyone else I know then I rejected the number.  It wasn’t the same number from earlier in the day.  I have gotten random texts from people and numbers I do not know which generally amuse me.  But, the continuous calling thing annoys me.

I have had to work jobs where I was supposed to call people.  I didn’t last long at those jobs because I really do not like using the phone.  I am happiest just tooling along working with out having to interact with people outside my work area, which is why I really like my new job.


It is summer and I find that Popsicles keep one cool.  The issue I find is that my favorite flavours are never in the right box.  I love lime, root beer and cherry. I never find them in the same box and they always have some gross flavour like strawberry or banana with them. Really I would just love a box of cherry and lime.  Today I managed to get the last box of cherry, grape and mandarin pops from the grocery store. I am not a huge fan of grape, but I will take it any day over strawberry.  I really like the “real fruit” ‘sicles the best, but again strawberry is just icky, it has seeds in it.  I dislike consuming chunks when I am trying to cool down with a Popsicle.

So think of me when you are standing in the frozen food aisle.  I will be dreaming of my favorite flavours in one box.

Corporate Greed Sucks…..or How I lost my favorite grocery store

Yesterday I opened my email to find one from Harris Teeter announcing that the store I have shopped at locally in Gastonia was purchased by another company. I was quite sad, because I love shopping there, I have actually shopped at Harris Teeter since I first moved to North Carolina 16 years ago. I even worked in their corporate headquarters my first summer.  I just figured I would shop at the Harris Teeter that is a bit further away, the email didn’t really state that ALL the stores in Gaston County were being traded to this other company it did say that 6 stores were going there and that Harris Teeter was acquiring 10 of their stores, then I read this article in the local paper last night when I was glancing through the online edition  “Goodbye Harris Teeter, Hello Lowes” which was posted on June 1st, I hadn’t read the paper for two weeks so it is my fault that I didn’t see this sooner.

It seems that Harris Teeter is closing all their ‘rural’ stores in areas of the South East, they were as saying that they want to focus on the Urban Market.  I am still trying to wrap my head around that idea.

While I won’t be organizing an Occupy Harris Teeter movement, I am encouraging friends and readers to join in my little protest.

So first if you were notified that your HT is closing to become a Lowes, and you have a VIC Card return it to HT Corporate in Matthews NC.

Second, I just feel that everyone should tell Harris Teeter that what they have done is wrong and disloyal to customers in their home state. Here is their address and phone number.

Harris Teeter Inc
701 Crestdale Road
Matthews, NC 28105
(704) 844-3100

I will understand if you don’t want to do this or if the post gets removed, but just the idea that they are abandoning counties like Gaston, Catawba etc only because we aren’t Urban enough for them is just greedy and quite frankly very short-sighted of them.  Even with out my little blog they are going to lose many loyal customers.

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