Last week we went out to lunch at a fairly swanky place.  When we arrived, the hostess argued with us about our reservation.  First, that it wasn’t under the name we gave her, even though we tried to clarify with her that the name on the reservation was her full name and we gave the middle name and the last name only.  Then she tried to argue with us about our party size saying we didn’t make a reservation for six, but just for four.  The person who made the reservation showed the hostess our online confirmation which actually had seven not six so we were still within our reservation threshold; she walked away and came back a couple of minutes later to tell us she was right and we were wrong and that she had called to confirm and was told that there would only be four.  When the person who made the reservation tried to say that no one called her the hostess just walked away and gave our menus to the wait staff instead.  Ugh and people want to know why we don’t bring up issue with the managers and owners when we meet with such behavior.