I prefer to do my shopping online, but groceries need to be bought in person.  We have a new Publix in town and I love them, they have the freshest bread, meat and produce. But, when you are an introvert like me who also has issues with social anxiety going to Publix is an experience which is hard to describe.  They greet you everywhere and make sure you are finding everything you need.  If you go down an aisle a second time someone could quickly be there to help you find what you need, which kind of freaked me out the first time. I have to actually psych myself out to go shopping at Publix or opt for the less interactive, but far more socially comfortable Wal-Mart. However, the food quality and variety at Publix almost always wins out when I want to spend my hard-earned pennies on sustenance.  I just have to mentally prepare myself every time I go there so that I am ready to smile and not seem rude and to keep from having a panic attack from all the strangers asking me if I am finding everything.  Shopping also drains me, and I need a nap after that.  Like yesterday, I napped for an hour after I went shopping for my weekly items. The good thing is, I know if I can’t find something at Publix that all I have to do is find the staff member who is probably following me around and ask.