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So I am back working in Uptown Charlotte, It has been a month of driving uptown for me, which is just astounding. Sometimes I have a lot of time for thinking while I walk up from my car.  These were some of my thoughts.

I park my car in the Mint Street deck along with hundreds of others.  Did you know that Mint Street has a crossing guard?  It amuses me that they had to do this to protect pedestrians, but given that I have watched the crossing guard almost take someone down who tried to run the stop sign I can figure out why.
And then there are the fashion choices.  Both genders need help.  I saw a woman the other day with this cute lace dress and the ugliest brown leather shoes.  The dress needed spring sandals or flats, not winter leather shoes. And men?  Um I don’t want to see your socks, buy pants that are longer please.
The other day I saw a post from a friend about ignoring a comment an interviewer made about Cougars. A lot of the women were mad, but I laughed, oh to be considered a Cougar.  It implies that I have disposable income and I like younger men.  Sadly only one of those is true.  But I agree with my friend, if people had ignored the reporter and not made a huge fuss about it, well I wouldn’t know about it and no one would be talking about. The reporter did her job because she got people talking.