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April 2016

worky worky

English: Aerial photo of Charlotte, NC center ...

So I am back working in Uptown Charlotte, It has been a month of driving uptown for me, which is just astounding. Sometimes I have a lot of time for thinking while I walk up from my car.  These were some of my thoughts.

I park my car in the Mint Street deck along with hundreds of others.  Did you know that Mint Street has a crossing guard?  It amuses me that they had to do this to protect pedestrians, but given that I have watched the crossing guard almost take someone down who tried to run the stop sign I can figure out why.
And then there are the fashion choices.  Both genders need help.  I saw a woman the other day with this cute lace dress and the ugliest brown leather shoes.  The dress needed spring sandals or flats, not winter leather shoes. And men?  Um I don’t want to see your socks, buy pants that are longer please.
The other day I saw a post from a friend about ignoring a comment an interviewer made about Cougars. A lot of the women were mad, but I laughed, oh to be considered a Cougar.  It implies that I have disposable income and I like younger men.  Sadly only one of those is true.  But I agree with my friend, if people had ignored the reporter and not made a huge fuss about it, well I wouldn’t know about it and no one would be talking about. The reporter did her job because she got people talking.

Raise your hand if…

You don’t want to admit your body is telling you time marches on.

I am getting old; it is taking longer for injuries to heal. While mentally I don’t feel my age, apparently my body likes to remind me that I am indeed over the age of 25. Recently I tweaked my knee doing something I do every day, pivoting to turn around – well at least I think that is how I did it. It used to take a couple of days a week at most for the pain to go away. It has been three weeks and I am still limping around if I sit too long. I guess I should be extremely grateful I changed jobs, because my old job had me sitting all day long at least the new job expects me to move around and get up from my seat. I just look like an invalid as I hobble down the hallway. Last week I even had my knee wrapped and I was downing ibuprofen every 4-5 hours to keep the pain at bay, I don’t remember ever having to do that for a minor injury before. I am not a fan of this getting old stuff.

Been a long long while…

I know I haven’t really blogged much in the past couple of years.  My previous job didn’t really allow time for that.  My new job frees up a bit of time. I am getting ready to head out for the day, but I wanted to touch base and share my annual report from last year.

My top blog is an old one I did a few years ago translating a song from Gaelic to English. I prefer the Gaelic, it sounds prettier.


I have some plans in the works for new blogs.  We shall see how it goes.  This year is a big year for me.  I have a new job, I am hitting a milestone birthday, and who knows what else, it is only April!

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