Sex and the City (film)
Sex and the City (film) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I was reading reviews of a fantasy type TV show, I forget which one, something I was watching on NetFlix or Amazon and no one had anything good to say about the show. I liked it was good for escapism.  But one of the reviews struck me as amusing because the title said not real enough and they weren’t talking about the special effects.  They were complaining that the life situation wasn’t real enough, that it was too fake.  I was laughing so hard I nearly dropped my phone.  Because when you think about it all aside from Reality Television – which is actually just as fake as a scripted show but in a different way, all scripted shows are fake they are all fiction. I do not watch scripted TV shows for the feeling of real relationships or real anything, I watch them to get away from the reality of life.  So who is with me? Can we blame Reality TV for this logic? Or is it just the little trolls who post reviews on websites who think this and want the attention?