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Two bags of food and a case of water, should I do this all in one trip or make it two? How many people out there live in apartments and know this feeling?  When I used to live in an apartment after my grocery shopping trip I would make sure I pulled out every single bag I had and schlep them up the stairs to my second floor apartment in one trip.  Until recently I realized I was still trying to do that when I got home to my little house, a house which has a private drive and only two steps up to the door I use.  I know why I did t his in the apartment, I didn’t want to leave the car unlocked or open, and honestly who wants to go up and down a flight stairs more than once? I also lived in apartments for just over 10 years.  One apartment I lived in the parking lot was not right next to our apartment so it was very not convenient in general to make more than one trip.  Often times I would limit my shopping to just essentials and was usually at the store during the week to get food for dinner.

master 006I don’t live in an apartment or even a condo anymore, and I have lived in my house for almost a decade and getting away from this habit has been hard, it does tell me I am a city girl and I would be comfortable in an uptown condo somewhere in downtown Columbia. But, I love my little house and I enjoy the peace of not sharing walls – well except for my neighbor Trixie who has been known to blow leaves off her driveway, which is right next to my bedroom at 7 am on a Saturday – so annoying. Anyway, My driveway is right next to my back door so the true schlepping is minimal especially since my kitchen is right next to the door.  And yet I still often attempt to grab up all my bags, leverage my case of water and lug it all to the door only to have to put half of my purchases down because I forgot to arrange my keys for easy lock access. Oh first world problems, I know but it always reminds me that I do not have to carry every single bag into the house one time. Maybe I need to consider moving back to a condo in the city instead of living with the peace of the small town?