Underground roundel

I am done hiding from people.  For a long time the only way I could protect my fragile sanity was to stay hidden away from some people.  I found out last night that the person I was avoiding has left this life and as a result I don’t have to hide anymore.  This person was my brother.  He was a bad man, abusive, controlling, and a con artist.  I wanted nothing to do with him and the lies he spread about our family. He is gone now and I actually feel free to be me.

I did get a note from his wife filled with angry nasty words about how I was a horrible person, and for the first time in my life I laughed at anything she ever had to say. I found her anger and abuse so ironic given that they both espoused a life of devout right-wing Christianity, the kind that borders on extremism.

I am sad he is gone yes, because I always held out hope that he would have a true come to Jesus event and turn his life around, but God saw it fit to take him early, perhaps there really is a purgatory for people like him. I am sad that his children will never get to know the person I really am and they they will be brainwashed into thinking I am a bad evil person.  But, perhaps they will learn to think for themselves and see that not everything someone tells you is true.  Time will tell on that front.  I am no sad, however, that I can claim his widow is no longer my sister-in-law – we never saw eye to eye and she always seemed to think I was out to get something from her, not to mention the fact that I refused to kow tow to her husband and proclaim that he was the end all and be all leader of our family.

So goodbye underground bunker….and Hello World!