English: A graph showing where electronic aggr...
English: A graph showing where electronic aggression occurs. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Yesterday I shared a bit about the dark side.  Now it was not all dark and ugly.  I did make a few friends who I still keep in touch with even though we aren’t all about the group anymore.

But these friends are few and far between and we all struggled with our dedication to the group and we fought to build our friendships.  I think the worst was when the bullying started.  Someone would start posting mean things and we had to sit there and just let it go on, because if we responded it would just blow up and get uglier. I should point out that these were all grown adults, not teens.

This also went along with the idea of who was the most devoted fan.  If one person felt that they should get that designation because they had been to more shows and spent more money, you almost always heard about it.  It would start with posts on the board, and it would move to twitter and Facebook it was like an oil slick that just stuck to everything and it was hard to clean off once you got hit.  This was happening before it had a name, it was internet bullying and it was just sad. It drew a lot of people away from some great music.

Why am confessing all this?  Because I need to get all of this off my chest.  Was I an innocent in this?  No, I participated for a time.  But when I realized how damaging it was to my psyche I pulled away.  It has taken me five years to repair all of that and to put me in a place where I can even talk about it without being angry.

So that is my confession.