English: Ballot Box showing preferential voting

Early voting season that is….I have a love hate relationship with early voting. I love it because I can vote on Saturday and not have to rush around on Super Tuesday.  I hate it because all the candidates and their minions hang out at the voting place on Saturday and accost you as you reach the line of demarcation. I have to psych myself up to get into the polling place as it is since I have to talk, because current state requires you state your name and address to vote.

This was the day, I was ready.  I knew I was going to get mobbed before I hit the magic line. I did get mobbed, but I managed to get in to vote and back out without having a meltdown of sorts.

Gaston County Sheriff's OfficeTo be honest I am not really sure why the politicians try to make that last obnoxious push before you go in to vote. I assume, and probably wrongly, that everyone already knows who they are voting for.  Plus if you really want to get my vote, offer me coffee, tea or a donut before I head in there at least then I know you put some of that campaign money to some good use.  The worst in this town is this guy running for sheriff, he seems to think something is wrong with the current sheriff and that we need a new start.  I just think he is an asshat.  The bad thing is, he is a republican, and as most of my friends know I have voted Republican most of my adult life.  So it kills me that he is our chosen republican candidate.  I knew I wasn’t voting for him, I knew my vote was going to go to the current sheriff, because I like him.  His people were the ones to come up with a program to have sex offenders in the county report to the courthouse on Halloween since around 2006, as a child of abuse I applaud this effort to keep offenders away from vulnerable and naïve children. Plus in this state all the sheriff really does is manage the jail system, they are financial administrators. I like our current system there haven’t been any scandals about the sheriff’s department and he hasn’t had any budget overruns. So the republican candidate has had to resort to scare tactics and outright lies about the current sheriff.  I don’t like that kind of campaigning, it lacks integrity and strong moral character – two things I think the person holding the office of sheriff needs. So this is the hotly contested campaign in my county this year because we really have nothing else to vote for, aside from a few non-partisan judicial positions – which was the real reason I was there to vote anyway.  I voted, I used my ability to vote for the best candidates, and I really hope Alan Cloninger wins again, because I swear I will sell my house and move if the other guy wins.

and I bet you all thought this was going to be about the fact that Wal-Mart already has Christmas decorations in their stores.