How do you say good bye to someone who was a big part of your life, but you only met in person once? It has been a few months now but I finally feel strong enough to post this with out breaking down in tears.  This week has been the first time I have been able to hear his music and be happy for the contribution he gave to the world.

He wasn’t just like any friend he was a man who had touched the hearts of many including my own.  He was a musician a singer and song writer who I had to come to know through the group he performed in.

I thought long and hard about writing this blog, because you see I had really only met George once.  But I had been a huge fan of Celtic Thunder since they first appeared on PBS one night, like so many other fans really. I spent a lot of time on their website chatting in the “PUB” and getting to know the other fans and the lads as well.  I am such a huge fan that I volunteered to help moderate their forum-which I still do and I have actually travelled out of state twice to see them.  Oh and then there was the weekend road trip to meet other fans as well. Although in face to face company with people who aren’t such huge fans I generally only admit that I happened to want to travel to those places anyway because I don’t want to be branded a crazy fan.  Thing is, a lot of my friends who I have met as a result of this show know just how devoted and crazy I can be.

So with that being shared, the struggle to come to grips with losing someone I know was dear to everyone and who brought a little smile to my face with his tweets and posts on a daily basis. Not to mention just knowing I will never hear him sing a new song and I won’t ever get another famous George Donaldson hug.

Goodbye my friend, goodbye……