055Creating and reliving memories is always bittersweet. I flew home this week to see my family, visit with friends and attend a High School Class reunion.  I collaborated with the chair of the reunion committee to plan this one with my major being Social Media and creating the slide show.  I spent a month walking down memory lane as I created the 10 plus minute slide show for our reunion; Lots of smiles and a few tears. It was also a massive learning experience, because up until a month ago I have never really used PowerPoint to do anything, and with the last touch today of creating a video of the slide show there are just so few words to use in how I feel about it.

I knew that this was the reunion where I wanted to spend some time mending a few fences and to stop being so hesitant to talk to some of the people I spent at least four years learning together. Since I have begun embracing my introversion I knew it was time. It was a great experience; I actually apologized to a former neighbor for an incident on the bus in 8th grade. I also spent time talking to one of my former classmates about his job and it was fascinating, to do the things and go to the places he has visited, it is a dream I hope to someday remedy although perhaps not when they are dropping bombs around me. But by far the best part of the reunion was reconnecting with people who I spent a great deal of time with during and after high school.

I also met a friend in person who I have gotten to know online for the past six years.  I had so much fun with her. I regret that it took us six years to meet in person and that I couldn’t see her more often.

Oh and while I have been home visiting my family and getting around town without a rental car. I discovered this great little service called Lyft, it is a ride share type program and so much better than a cab. I know we have it at home and who knows I may figure out ways to use it there too. I felt so cutting edge utilizing this community based service.

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