Nederlands: Introvert gedrag.

I admit it, I have no qualms about admitting it to the world.  The issue I run into appears is that most of the rest world feels everyone should be extroverts and make nice, chat up, and stand around making inane small talk with people to prove that they are friendly and likeable. People assume that introverts are antisocial, I don’t believe we are.  We just aren’t driven to entertain the world every minute of the day.

I am likeable and social, even friendly most of the time, but all that interaction wears me out. Add to the fact that I am also an adult who lives with ADD (not the fadish kind which everyone seems to claim now a days, but the real kind where I struggle to read people and focus on things). My ADD isn’t always a plus when I am extra introverted, because I tend to really not be interested in anything around me and it can show.

What brought on this admission in my blog you ask?  Well the blog is about my reality. Plus am learning coping skills so that people around me aren’t so bothered by my introversion. I am currently reading a book about people skills to help develop that innate talent others have to actually listen to people. In this book they talked about how loneliness is a bad thing, but there is a difference between someone being lonely and someone experiencing solitude. Loneliness, in and of itself, can lead to health problems and ultimately death.  People NEED to interact with others. I agree with that thought. Probably because I enjoy being social, but I do get worn out quickly and need to take breaks.

I have a few other books I am working on as well, they focus on living with ADD in the work place. I even joined a Facebook group for introverts for a while, but most of those people weren’t introverts I don’t think, they complained about hating people, being lonely and they were just kind of really negative.  I am never lonely; I am quite content on my own, and I have enough friends that if I need social activity someone is around to talk to.  I also suspect that being an introvert is a main reason I took to social media so early.  It is an easy way socialize on my terms, and I don’t see it as being fake socialization since those friends I have online really hear more personal information from my head than they would if we were face to face.

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