Unmatched spoons

This morning it hit me when I went to get a spoon out of the drawer to stir my hot chocolate that I was going to have to dig into my supply of plastic spoons.  That just kind of made me laugh.  While a lot of my friends have a bag of socks with out a mate, I have a drawer that is bereft of spoons, not just my teaspoons but my table spoons too.

If there was more than one person living in this house I might look under beds and in closets much like I was forced to do when I resided with a bunch of girls one year – one of our room mates was a spoon hoarder.  But there isn’t more than one person living in this house, and while I would love to blame the cats I doubt it is their fault since neither of them even get on the counters, yes I have them trained.  So I wonder where they have all gone.  I know I have bought three full sets of silverware since I moved to North Carolina in 96 and yet I have very spoons, I have a lot of forks and knives though. I have also added random spoons to my collection just to bolster the number.  I some spoons which had been my grandmother’s they were part of her silver set, none of them matched which is why I am certain my mother gave them to me.  I also have a set of gold-plated spoons, okay it is a complete service for 12 but I hate that set they are so gold, and the sad thing is my grandmother let me pick them out when I was 14 I should have known it would come back and bite me.

I just did a quick search of this phenomenon and it turns out I am not the only one confounded by all the missing spoons.  I also searched for missing socks, partly because I was looking for a snazzier title to this blog but I also wanted to see what was out there.  Did you know that there is a bureau for missing socks?  Why not a bureau for missing spoons? I mainly just want the spoons back from where ever they are.

Peeking Spoon

So where are all my spoons going?  I have no idea.  They are all probably out there having a party in a giant vat of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream or playing hide and seek with the socks.