Missed CallThis morning I woke up and checked my blackberry well to see what time it was really, although checking messages is always important too, one must keep up with what is going on in the world you know. I saw I had two missed calls and a voice-mail, I started freaking out a bit because I was worried that I had missed a call from my parents.  I scrolled through to see that the area code wasn’t from my parents and I didn’t recognize the number so I just put the phone down and went back to sleep, you all do not want to think about what time I wake up on weekend mornings with out an alarm clock.

When I got up an hour later I checked my voice-mail just to get it cleared out and someone had drunk dialed me.  My first thought was, why don’t I ever get drunk dialed by people I know, this thought lasted about ten seconds because I realized all my friends are beyond the age and behavior of drunk dialing. We are all growing up and getting mature. Which is kind of sad because I miss those carefree days, but I also know it is part of the changing cycle of life.

I have thought about this some, since next summer is my 30th high school reunion.  I still have trouble realizing I graduated in the mid 80’s with all the big hair, Members Only Jackets, Parachute pants and John Hughes movies. Most of my classmates are married and busy sending their first born children off to university. My oldest niece had her first child, making me a great aunt, making my dad a great grandpa. There are days when I just want to throw caution to the wind and do something spontaneous, which is why I know I am not stuffy.

I mean do you ever get the urge to ride the cart through the parking lot after you have shopped?  I do, sometimes, and really the only thing that keeps me from doing, aside from my arthritic knees, is that it might not seem right as adult. I am glad my younger days were before the advent of social media. Only the universe knows what us Gen-Xers would have got up to if the incentive to have our pictures plastered all over the internet for free had existed back then.

I also don’t feel old, I just ignore the fact that I wear bifocals and my joints creak every time I work in the yard. I do know it is a state of mind. This is the entire reason I started writing this blog in the first place.  To talk about the events in the life of a woman striding towards her 50’s.  Yep you saw that and I will always admit to my age, no one believes me anyway.

So here’s to all the kids in us who want to ride the shopping carts through the grocery store parking lot, and wish we still had friends who drunk dialed us (okay maybe that is going a bit far) may the child in all of us always stay strong and be there to help keep us young!