It is early October here, I am sitting in the backyard of my pet sitting client.  With one of their precious dogs sitting next to me on the garden sofa.  The sun is shining, i can hear the acorns dropping from the trees.  Early I accidentally startled the deer who roam in the free space behind the house, they shot off away from the house and further into the trees in the subdivision woods.


There is a rose garden and you can smell the heady velvet perfumes of the different roses varieties in the garden as they waft by on the breeze.

The great thing is this house is only minutes away from one of the biggest urban shopping malls in the city,  But that is how it works down here in Charlotte.  You have a mix of older homes which built when this was still the country like a garden oasis, with a lot of space between them and the next house; and then not more than a block away you have homes which are practically built on top of one another, almost dwarfing the land the house is on on or even a block of townhouses. I don’t mind this sort of development – after all if the homes are occupied then it means that there are more tax payers to pay taxes to the local government so that they can pay for the roads, fire, police etc.  

Anyway this blog isn’t about the pros and cons of urban development.  It is about the fact that it is October, and I am sitting outside in a sun dress, enjoying the weather and not freezing my toes off because i chose to wear sandals today. It is days like this when I rejoice in the crazy idea I had 17 years ago to move away from the Pacific Northwest – where if weather reports from this week are true I would be all soggy and miserable.  Even though this house isn’t mine, because mine is further west and in the foot hills of the Blue Ridge mountains, it still is evidence that the move was the best thing I could have ever done for myself.