I have a friend who works in an environment where there are workplace bullies.  She struggles with this on a daily basis and has been afraid to really speak up because she is afraid she might lose her job if she makes waves.  She loves her job and just wants to do her work and come home.  The complication of these other co workers makes it difficult for her to do that sometimes.  These bullies are sly in how they go about doing their damage, I even read up on the signs of an office bully to help my friend out because I wasn’t even sure what one really looked like.  There is help out there for women who work in these kinds of environments.  I have posted a few links below:





I also suggested to my friend that she read Ronda Rich’s books about Southern women, they are full of so much information on how to behave with grace in times of adversity.

I know some folks share on this blog, so please share about other ways you have found to change the environment at work.