Spring has finally arrived in the Carolinas.  I was fairly certain it might never arrive, and then I would have to move further south to avoid the cold damp weather again. Our local farmer’s market opened up last weekend, I was able to get there this morning and pick up makings for a salad, some flowers and goat’s milk fudge, which is quite tasty. My azaleas are beginning to bloom and I was noticing that my irises are just about ready burst forth from their green cocoons. I have some new plants which look getting ready to bloom too, but I am not sure if they are fancy weeds or a border plant I put in the ground a few years ago.  I promise to get a few pictures up soon.

Modeling my skirt

My new job has kept me busy and leaves me little time to blog. I recall that I said I was going to start sewing for myself again.  This winter I made 2 new skirts.  One will have to wait until I lose a few pounds, the other I have been able to wear to work a few times.  I dread having to send it to the cleaner’s though as it is a suede skirt, but I am proud of my efforts.  I even managed to put in my own zippers without disgracing myself and my late grandmother’s tutelage.  I still have plans to make a few dresses, I have this lovely old pattern which I know will make some nice little breezy dresses for the spring and summer.

That is about all for now.  Right now I am watching Pride and Prejudice, just waiting for the wet shirt scene.