English: Two New Year's Resolutions postcards

I rarely say I am making any New Year’s resolutions because it just seems like a cliché and because people so easily break them.  Historically New Year’s resolutions is something that goes back as far as the time of Ancient Babylon when they would make promises to return borrowed items and pay off debts.  Ancient Romans made promises to the god Janus and during the Medieval period knights reaffirmed their vow of chivalry.  I rather prefer the term goal instead because for me it feels more realistic for me.

One year I set the goal of learning to rock climb and completing a half marathon before my 40th birthday, which was actually a year and a half away at that point.  I did carry out both of those things before my 40th birthday.  I would love to go rock climbing a bit more often, but I don’t have many friends who have the time to go with me.  I am very proud of the year I spent training for my half marathon and the sense of accomplishment that December when I did complete the Kiawah Island race.  I actually miss the training and I have put it back on my list for this year, I am not working towards any race goals this year yet but I might it all depends on how my body feels after a few hundred miles of training and if my hip and knee are still up for that kind of abuse.  Another year I set out to buy myself a sewing machine so I could start sewing again.

A road sign in Gaelic and English at Mallaig, ...

My 2013 goals are ( I should point out they are subject to change based on economic issues and a few other things):

  • Get a better handle on my finances; Now that I have a full-time job this should easily be accomplished.
  • Make more of my own clothes
  • Settle my mother’s estate – this isn’t entirely dependent on me but I would really like it all done by the end of the year
  • Learn to read and speak Gaelic and Welsh – this is something I have wanted to do for a long time
  • Start distance walking again
  • Renew my passport – I just really need to do this
  • Continue working on how I respond to people so I don’t sound so abrupt
  • The over the top goal would be buying a new car.

Consider some of my goals for your own list.  Let me know what you think.  Have a great 2013!