Goodwill Industries

Today on my way home from work I decided to stop off at Goodwill and drop off the boxes in the back of my SUV.  They had been accumulating and I felt it was time to make the stop, especially since I was driving right by on my way to another store.  I pulled in to the parking lot and got into the line; there were about five cars in front of me all unloading so I got out and began to unload as well.  I am not one to wait at places like this anyway.  I got one box unloaded and a staff member told me that I needed to pull up.  Okay I can do that.  As I was closing the back door of the car I noticed the vehicle behind me was revving his engine a little and so I looked up and discovered a very frustrated looking man in the car.  I didn’t really think much of it, beyond the “Gee Whiz it is a drop off-line for Pete’s sake chill out…” I smiled at him and got back into my car to move forward so I could keep unloading, remember I said I had let it accumulate in the back.

As I got out again to open my back door again and the little unloader helper guy came over to my car the guy behind me honked his horn and flipped me off.

I was just shocked.

I mean really?

You just did that because I stopped again?

I told the helper he could help the man behind me instead because I didn’t need a receipt.

The helper looked at me and said “No he can wait his turn if he doesn’t want to get out.”

We continued to unload my car while the man behind me got more frustrated.  What I found really amusing is the car behind him began unloading their stuff too while I was unloading mine.

So this man is sitting between two vehicles who are getting unloaded looking kind of ridiculous.

I got the stuff out of my car and began to move away.  I waited a bit because

I really wanted to see what this man expected the helper guy to do.  Turns out, he expected him to unload the car entirely on his own.  He popped the trunk and I watched as he told the guy that everything in the trunk was to be donated.  No the man did not get out of car, and no there wasn’t a handicapped sticker or tag either.  He seemed quite able-bodied to me,  especially since he flipped me off.

christmas 2007

So really I got the impression he really didn’t want to be there but was told to go by Goodwill to empty the trunk.  I was kind of hoping the helper guy would take the man’s spare tire too. It is kind of sad that during this season of giving, when one is giving to a charitable organization that one would behave like that.  It is stuff like that reminds me to take things as they come.  To not get frustrated with the little stuff like waiting in a line, looking for a parking place or even things which might happen at work which are out of our control.

Enjoy the holidays and remember to take a bit of time for yourself too!