BMW vs CavalierSo I started a new job about three weeks ago.  It has exhausted me learning all the things I have to remember.  Plus just going to work 30 miles away every day, and being back in a very social environment with other co workers.  But the joys of driving around town are never-ending.  There is a signal at the entrance to our office park. Apparently people on the main road think red is optional.  I have never seen so many people run a stop before.  I almost made a new friend who would be buying me a new car if I had only been a little faster.

Happily enough I am okay with not having to buy a new car. I also spend a lot of time on the freeway now.  Which is a playground of never ending amusement in North Carolina, people slow down here for all sorts of reasons, ones I will never fathom.  But, then there are others who insist on believing they are experiencing a NASCAR race and must bob and weave through traffic like a prize-fighter.  I just go along and avoid them at all costs.