A Cisco 7960G IP telephone


One major thing I do not miss about my old job, answering the phone in November.  You see my old job consisted of answering the phone a lot.  Most of the time it was okay, I enjoyed helping folks, but every November for about 6 years this woman from Ohio, I think, would call us  to get road conditions for Fancy Gap.  Now when I started working there I had no idea where Fancy Gap was, I had only been living in North Carolina for about 4 years and I was still learning about local things – like not getting lost in South Charlotte.  I knew that providing that kind information was NOT a part of our department’s role, it was possibly something the NC Dept of Highways or Highway Patrol would do, but it certainly was not something we would do and I would let her know she had called the wrong place and she needed to try elsewhere.  Oh I also knew that Fancy Gap was nowhere in Mecklenburg County so even if I wanted to help her I really couldn’t   She called the next year and we went through the same thing.  I even asked the woman who used to have my job if she got these calls, she said no she never did.  So it was just me being grilled by someone who didn’t even know what state she was calling.  When the third year rolled around I asked one of my coworkers where Fancy Gap was he informed me it was somewhere in Virginia and then wanted to know why, so I told him about this woman who calls every year around thanksgiving to insist I give her the road conditions.  He laughed and said I should tell her they are dry and clear.  The next year I kept hoping she wouldn’t call and that she would figure out the right number to call, but no she called again.  I informed her that Fancy Gap was in VA and she was calling Charlotte, NC – and again that there was no way for me give her the information she required as all I could find online was weather reports.  She actually got a bit mean with me and said that I should always have that information ready for people when they call. Very nicely I told her the only person who ever called to ask was her and that she really needed to call the VA Highway Dept or Highway Patrol.  She got really mad at me and hung up.  I hoped it was finally over, but around comes November the next year and guess who called me.  Oh how do I know it was the same woman?  I had caller ID on my phone and I had written her number in my calendar on the computer so I could recognize who was calling me from out-of-state.


Fancy Gap


A few years ago, I actually had the pleasure of driving through Fancy Gap, VA, it was August and the road was clear and dry.