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I am really not a huge fan of phones, land line or cellular.  But we must have a phone so people can talk to us, so I have a  cell phone.  I recently started a new job.  We are so busy I can only check my phone during breaks and at lunch, if I remember to. Friday I remembered to check my phone at lunch.  I had 10 missed calls and four voice-mails, when I checked them they were all hang ups.  So I went to check the recent call list.  All the numbers were from the same place.  So here is my deal, if you called the first time and you got my voice-mail why did you call me 9 more times and leave my 3 more hang ups? You knew you were calling the wrong number by the second call and voice-mail you left me.  Then later Friday night, or was it Saturday morning-it was midnight, my phone started ringing again I could hear it buzzing in the drawer where I put it at night.  I checked the number to make sure it was not my parents or anyone else I know then I rejected the number.  It wasn’t the same number from earlier in the day.  I have gotten random texts from people and numbers I do not know which generally amuse me.  But, the continuous calling thing annoys me.

I have had to work jobs where I was supposed to call people.  I didn’t last long at those jobs because I really do not like using the phone.  I am happiest just tooling along working with out having to interact with people outside my work area, which is why I really like my new job.