I was perusing a list of books recently and came across a title that went something like this: The Magical Recipe for Housekeeping. Now two things I can never see being in the same sentence are magical and housekeeping. Yes, the book was about housekeeping and how to make it, well for lack of a better term, Magical. Would I ever read this book? Probably not, I don’t like keeping house and I am not interested in finding ways to pretend to make it more fun.  I clean house for two reasons, the counters are dirty or I can’t sleep.  Don’t get me wrong I clean a lot, but never all at once.  I usually clean the bathroom once a week and the kitchen gets wiped down daily.  I have hardwood floors with area rugs so hoovering the rugs (well really I Dyson them) is always done on as needed basis.  I also swear I sweep every day.

So I was wondering really what the value of a book like that would be.  Then early this week I ran across a quote from Paulo Coelho on Twitter which made sense to me.

“I stopped to self-improve myself many years ago.I can live with my imperfections.”

I think this explains my aversion to such a book as this one.  I can live with my skills as a house keeper in my own home.  I am not trying to win any awards or even make it into a magazine, although if a magazine wanted to shoot in my house I would certainly let their stylists make it look all pretty, that is what they are there for isn’t it?