One of my friends posted on her Facebook wall a few days ago about how people seem to have lost their manners when it comes to responding to invites and sending thank you notes.  They seem to be a lost art, I am sure my grandmothers are both laughing in their graves because they know how much I hated writing them.  The irony is quite obvious trust me.

My grandmothers would both make me sit down and write my thank you notes as soon as I opened the gift.  I struggled with this because I didn’t really like my hand writing and I always wanted to say something wonderful, a budding Byron I am not. I did get a bit lazy when I got older about thanking my family, but my grandmother would always remind me that she didn’t know if her “gifts” got to me in North Carolina

My struggle now is always trying to find the right words because I still want to be this eloquent writer and just saying “Thank You I appreciate the gift you gave me” seems too unless I sent a thank you.  At least I was never tacky enough to write thank you on the back of a birthday check, I remember reading about that incident in a Dear Abby column. I have always been really good about sending thank you notes to non family members. I remember once I wrote a thank you to a teacher who let me observe her class last-minute one day, she was very shocked because no one had ever thanked her before.

I guess I get a little sad when I have spent hours, days even, finding the right gift to never have gotten a note thanking me for it.

I also see in some people I have known some sort of response about thank you notes I have given to people who have sent gifts, or done something for me, not from the person who I sent the card to, but to others around who saw the note.  They were either jealous or upset or something I haven’t quite put my finger on it.  It is almost like they are mad I didn’t thank them with a card too, even though they didn’t give me something.  I hope that makes sense.

But all this begs the question, is writing thank you notes and well frankly showing proper manners a lost art? Is a complete generation missing out on these things that were practically beaten into me as a child?  I see signs that parents are teaching their children these things, but is it enough?