Yesterday was “Star Wars” Day and it got me thinking just what George Lucas thinks of this phenomenon.  Now I just couldn’t call him up and ask him  about it, but I do wonder.  If he hadn’t created Star Wars, and the iconic phrase “May the Force Be With You” We wouldn’t even call May 4th Star Wars Day. While I love watching movies, and I might admit that I am a secret nerdy geek sometimes I think fans go a bit overboard with stuff.  Don’t get me wrong, I love all his movies, they are classic and with out the inroads he and his company made in special effects we wouldn’t be where we are at all.  Like the massive Scene in Gladiator where the camera flies over the coliseum in Rome filled with people, that might have come out differently if he hadn’t made Star Wars or all the amazing footage from Independence Day.  So yea George Lucas and his people rock, and we get to celebrate them once a year – even if that wasn’t really his intention. So what do you think?