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May 2012

Pet Peeve – Shopping Carts


I am trying hard not to make this blog about my pet peeves.  So I apologize in advance.  I have a huge peeve about shopping carts and what people do with them.  First living in the south they call them buggies, and frankly that just sounds weird so that is one peeve although I generally just ignore it people can’t help it if they weren’t raised to call them carts.

My first issue with carts, parents who put their children in carts and don’t buckle the kid in.  Well I realize that is not the fault of the cart, but today I nearly watched a 2-year-old fall out because his mama didn’t buckle him in.  What was worse was she swatted him for not sitting down.  Um he is 2 (or there abouts) it isn’t his fault you left him untethered to the cart.

An abandoned shopping cart reclaimed from the ...

Second, If can’t take the time to put the cart back don’t use one.  It makes the parking lot a demolition derby to be chasing around to avoid the cart you didn’t put into the cart corral. Today I actually took one along with my cart to the corral because it was just floating along in the driving lane.  You can probably guess how I feel when I see carts abandoned on the sidewalk miles away from the grocery store. It just makes me sad that people do that sort of thing, seems to show a lack of caring about their neighborhood. that is probably why I love shopping at Aldi Food store so much, you have to pay to get a cart and the incentive is to return the cart to get your quarter back.  I have actually made money at the store, because a few people do not care to return their carts, silly people they just lost money.

Third, and this is the carts fault as far as I am concerned: carts with flat tires – yep it can happen, bumping tires that thump around the grocery store, or squeaky tires.  I hate drawing further attention to my shopping habits so a cart like this usually gets left at the door for some other unsuspecting individual, but sometimes you don’t have a choice and are then forced to walk around the store making more noise than a screaming child. I hate it most when I go to a big store like Target.

So please remember buckle up the kid, put the cart away, and have a great day!


Star Wars Day

Yesterday was “Star Wars” Day and it got me thinking just what George Lucas thinks of this phenomenon.  Now I just couldn’t call him up and ask him  about it, but I do wonder.  If he hadn’t created Star Wars, and the iconic phrase “May the Force Be With You” We wouldn’t even call May 4th Star Wars Day. While I love watching movies, and I might admit that I am a secret nerdy geek sometimes I think fans go a bit overboard with stuff.  Don’t get me wrong, I love all his movies, they are classic and with out the inroads he and his company made in special effects we wouldn’t be where we are at all.  Like the massive Scene in Gladiator where the camera flies over the coliseum in Rome filled with people, that might have come out differently if he hadn’t made Star Wars or all the amazing footage from Independence Day.  So yea George Lucas and his people rock, and we get to celebrate them once a year – even if that wasn’t really his intention. So what do you think?

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