I love music, when I was a little girl I was always singing in the car. I am fairly certain it drove my mom and dad nuts because I made up my own songs – I was five and six so I can’t remember those songs now. I also used to listen to all the records we owned over and over, I remember once when I was listening to Paul Revere and the Raiders and I spent an hour listening to just one song as I was trying to figure out the bleeped word in one of their songs. So now as an adult I still enjoy music.  I tend to gravitate towards independent artists, which as I have said in a blog before is because I grew up in Seattle and folks up there tend to be more free thinking in their tastes.

One of my favorite groups is Celtic Thunder, although group is so the wrong word to call them.  A whole blog could be written about that topic alone.  Their newest CD and DVD have been released and is titled Voyage.  I love the opening medley, Atmos, Druids, Deus Meus & Dulaman.  It is all in Gaelic and Latin (I am pretty sure I heard some latin in there.) and it is very intense and masculine sounding.  The lyrics for Dulaman are traditional Irish folk music.  It sounds really intense and in Gaelic it even looks pretty.

 A’nion mhin o sin anall na fir shuiri

A mhathair mhin o cuir na roithlean go dti me

Dulaman dulaman, dulaman na binne bui

Dulaman na binne bui Gaelach

Dulaman dulaman, dulaman na farraige

Dulaman na binne bui Gaelach

But the English translation just sort of leaves nothing to the imagination.

Oh gentle daughter, here come the wooing men

Oh gentle mother, put the wheels in motion for me

Seaweed from the yellow cliff, Irish seaweed

Seaweed from the ocean, the best in all of Ireland

There is a yellow gold head on the Gaelic seaweed

There are two blunt ears on the stately seaweed

The Irish seaweed has beautiful black shoes

The stately seaweed has a beret and trousers

Now I know the song has a lot of meaning, it is about the tradition of gathering the seaweed during lean times since seaweed is so nutritious.  But when you see the manly men of Celtic Thunder singing this song well my mind doesn’t go to that though at all.

Celtic Thunder Voyage – “Atmos, Druids, Deus Meus & Dulaman”

I still love the song, I just am less interested in remembering what it means in English.  After all who wants to wax romantic about seaweed?

July 21 Update:  I see folks looking for the translation of Atmos, Deus Meus.  Deus Meus is Latin for My God.  The translation of Atmos is still being researched, but it could mean Vapor in Greek.