Girl Scout Thin Mint cookies
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It is Girl Scout Cookie time.  I love this time of the year.  I am always reminded of my mom dragging me out to sell cookies.  This was back in the day when you actually went door to door to sell. I was only Girl Scouts for three years, when my mom decided I had had enough.  Really she didn’t want me to be in a group where she wasn’t the leader.  It didn’t matter I was the world’s worst cookie sales person, I was extremely naïve about selling and I was painfully shy.  The only year I did really well was Second grade when I had chicken pox.  My parents and I think my uncle sold all my cookies for me that year.  It was enough to send me to camp for a week.  I still remember all the drama when Grandma’s Cookies got the contract to bake the Girl Scout Cookies, I am not entirely sure who had the contract before that, but it was a huge deal when they changed bakeries.  I do wonder if maybe the reporter actually thought the Girl Scouts baked them – can you imagine all the scouts in the kitchen slaving away making billions of cookies?

Sales techniques have changed since I was in the Scouts, now folks pre-order them and there is very little door to door sales.  I remember before I left WA State sitting in the bank line waiting to deposit my paycheck and under the cover, just before you got to the tubes were little girl scouts selling their cookies, I loved that such a creative place because they were under cover, it was raining that day, and they essentially had a captive audience.  I mean who is going to say no to a little girl standing there staring at you until your car moved up.  So these are my memories of cookie sales.  Now when that time of year rolls around I wax nostalgic about the cookie sales and how it was ‘back in the day’.  I might run in to avoid the girls at the grocery store – it seems here in NC that only Wal-Mart allows them to sell outside their stores I never see them at the other grocery stores around.  But I do look forward to seeing what new confections they have created and even trying them if I can.  My favorites will always be Thin Mints and The Shortbreads (they changed the name ages ago and I can’t remember their name now, I liked the old name). So Bring on the cookies.