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March 2012

It’s just a job

Sheri has this great job.  She gets to go shopping professionally.  The major hitch is that right now she is stuck in the parking lot of a large national chain store waiting for a tow truck to come transport her SUV to a repair shop down the road.  Just as she got back on the road after a major shopping spree at the local hardware store her car started overheating and the steering seemed to give out.  Frantically calling her boss she was assured it was okay, as long as she got back to the venue before the end of the day.  Then trying to find a repair shop open on a holiday weekend was another trip. Thank goodness for semi smart phones with GPS.

“Katie,  the tow truck will take an hour to get here, but the auto repair shop is just down the road. I am so embarrassed that this happened when you need all this stuff as soon as possible,” she said to her boss on the phone.

“It will be okay, at least you found someone open on a Saturday. Will they have the truck fixed today?” Katie asked.

“Well they said it should be, but it really depends on what is wrong.”

“Call when you know something.”

“I will, I still can’t believe I am in the only National chain store that doesn’t have an auto repair bay.” Sheri said exasperated.

“You know things happen for a reason, and the reason hasn’t presented itself to you yet,” replied Katie sagely

“Yea, you are right.  I will let you go I know you are busy with the venue.”

They hung up and Sheri continued waiting for the t0w truck.  Eventually he arrived


The Madness of March is gone

When UNC lost their game last weekend my Division I brackets blew up since I always put them down as the winners.  But you see I didn’t care because my University had become the Division II Champions.  That has kept me going until today when I realized I at least needed to finish off my updates on Men’s College Basketball.  So as I say goodbye to my bracket, I still have a year of celebration as Western’s win is brought up at all my social gatherings this year, except maybe that wedding I am attending on April 21st.  I know the bride doesn’t really give a fig about sports.

Division 2 Champs!!!!

What a nail biter of a game!  Western was ahead, then behind, then tied and finally ahead again.  In the end WWU has at least earned a Division II Basketball Championship.  Congrats to the Team and Coach Jackson and according to the announcers the rather unique “Democratic Locker Room Coaching’ technique.

We Are The Champions – Queen


March Madness – Division 2 Semifinals

I just finished watching the most thrilling game.  I was literally biting my nails for the last five minutes.  Western Washington University managed to maintain at least a four point lead for the entire game coming out to win 71 to Stonehill’s 66.  This will be Western’s first time playing in the Championship final game. I am so proud to be a Viking now, not that I was ever not proud.  Western has a legacy of excellence in athletics and academics.  Heck right now I don’t even care what is happening in Division 1.  I know that very few of my friends here in NC care about the fact that a little school from the NW is going to the Final Game for the National Playoffs in Division II, but that is okay.  Not everyone can love the little guys.

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