I have been sick all week.  Laid low with a massive head cold which made me wish I no longer had sinuses.  I am not a happy sick person, the only saving grace is that there is no one to inflict my whingeing on since I am usually on my own at home.  Even after 20 years of being on my own,  I still feel the need to call home and ask for advice, even if all I get is a pat on the back and a virtual hug from the family (It feels nice to be loved you know).  So now that I have risen from the bed of what always feels like near death I am ready for the rest of the allergy season that is coming.  Now that I have restocked my tissue and medicine supply………..

Bring it On………….


I still don’t like having a stuffed up nose……..

so maybe not…..

stay away allergies, find someone else to bother.