My parents are awesome! They have always been there to support us, even if our ideas harebrained.  Like the time I wanted to make a velvet dress for Christmas Dinner and my Step-mom helped me fix my issues.  Being the youngest child of four is rather unique since our family is a blended one, I have three older step siblings – and we actually kind of like each other.  My dad, who I adore, remarried a lovely woman who I really like and who I am very proud to call my mom.  My step mom is crafty like me and very realistic about life. My dad I have spoken about before a bit, he is my dad and while I can’t ask him about car maintenance I can ask him about cooking, wine and beer. Even with the many miles between us we are relatively close, I also make sure to email or call them at least once a week.   For Valentines Day I got a great card from them. Handmade, of course.

It is always nice to know your family loves you.