I  was a little bored this afternoon so I started surfing the internet looking for ideas on how to create a new headboard, the one I have used for my bed is a Queen and I have a full-sized bed so it was a bit too big.  I found some great ideas, using old frames and then attaching them to the wall, securing a giant piece of plywood to the wall, and how to make a padded headboard that you can secure to the wall.  I didn’t really want to secure anything to the wall, I would either have to leave it if I ever sell this house or have giant holes in the wall.  Plus I have a habit of rearranging my bedroom about once a year and holes on the walls would be awful.  I did see one which suggested propping up a giant piece of plywood, I liked the idea of propping something up, but I didn’t want to go buy a piece of wood.  I remembered I had an old room divider, which one of the cats had shredded all the fabric from it. I kept it because I wanted to re apply the fabric someday. It hit me, I could drape fabric over the divider and use that as a headboard.  I had 2 yards of blue velvet upholstery fabric from a recent trip to the fabric store, it had cost me $5.00 or so.  First I measured to make sure that the divider would fit as a headboard. Second, I wrapped the fabric around the divider, then I fixed it with some tape to keep it from moving around.  Third, I tacked it to the divider with some small nails. Then I stood it up behind my bed and it looks great!