At Christmas I finally was able to download a CD I have waited for, Andy Davis was finally finished with his new CD – Heartbreak Yellow and I am going to tell you it is amazing. I have always enjoyed Andy’s music.  I found him on MySpace, back when that was THE social network.  His piano playing reminds me a bit of Billy Joel with all the strong playing.  Andy’s voice is unique and doesn’t sound like all the other mass-produced music out there, this would be my Seattle roots showing – I grew up enjoying music that didn’t sound like everything else.  On his new album he expresses himself so eloquently with his new music.  Andy and his background singers/band create this jazzy fusion which makes you focus on the music and the songs you don’t get stuck thinking you might have heard the song from someone else, they are completely original sounding.  My favorite songs are “Solution to Run” which had me imagining the opening credits to a James Bond film, “The story Just starting” is basically Andy solo and it is sublime, and I also really enjoyed the joy filled music behind “Sweet Lorraine”.  The entire album is a must buy get it!

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