So this past week I have cleared out a lot of my belongings in the house, putting things in bags for charity and calling a charity to come pick up everything.  As you can see there is a lot of it, although much of it is the love seat which is standing on end.  They came today to take it all away.  During the week I kept adding to the pile too, I found boxes in my shed and I kept sorting through my clothes and things to lighten my load even more.

Why did I do this?  Well because I needed to declutter a bit.  The love seat had been taking up space in my work room, I can finally move my ironing board in and keep all my sewing projects in here.

I also wanted to lighten the load, kind of get started fresh and new. I just needed to give up clothes I wasn’t wearing. Really they were out of style no need to hang on to something I know I will probably never wear.  Not to mention the fact that I did not need three drawers of running and race T-Shirts, I had enough race t-shirts to wear one a day for the next 6 months without doing laundry, so they are going.

My cats miss their perch, they enjoyed having something nice and high to hand out on.  Whiskey was especially upset this afternoon when he realized his hide out was gone.  He is outside pouting right now.

Check out the new feel of the main living space