I wasn’t going to write a blog like this, but as I was reading my friend’s status updates on Facebook I knew that I needed to do this.  A lot of my friends had a terrible year this year, so I know I wasn’t the only one.  I can’t sit and say “oh woe is me, I was unemployed for most of the year and my mom passed away”, because I still have my house, my health and my friends.  Not to mention the fact that similar or  worse things happened to my friends and the rest of my family.  So the one thing I can say is that 2012 has got to be better for all of us as we grapple with the loss of our family members, keep looking for jobs, and I know in a few cases bring new lives into this world.  So let’s shake off the last bits of this past year and embrace the new year.  Look for all the great things that can happen and rejoice in the good.