• I love the smell of fresh made coffee and ground beans.  I have actually always loved the smell, it just took me years to learn to like the beverage.
  •  Clothes when they come off the clothes line all crisp, sun warmed and air-dried.  While I don’t hang my clothes to dry outside I can still beckon the scent back at any time.  Maybe I should bribe someone to hang up a clothes line so I can dry my sheets outside.
  • Roses, they always remind me of growing up.
  •  Lemons so clean and crisp.
  •  Leaf Mold reminds me of college days and walking by Old Main to get to class.
  •  Creosote and salt water, reminds of summer days at my grandparent’s house and going to the beach.
  • Wet Sand reminds me of digging for clams early in the summer mornings on Lopez Island in the San Juans where we had a small place. (Miniscule trust me). I could spend hours down there with our dog digging clams and tossing driftwood for her to chase.
  • Fried Calamari always reminds of Christmas at my grandparent’s house. Days of innocence and happiness.