I have been thinking about writing this blog since our new city council fired our city manager.  I have never been so surprised, and embarrassed, about my local government. They didn’t even give him a week, month or day to show what he is made of, they just refused to re-appoint him.  Nor did they give him an explanation as to why they did this, they just sat there with their heads down, except for a brave man who did say that they should at least give him a chance.  They claim they fired him because the most of the citizen’s wanted him gone.  Well I don’t remember anyone coming by my house to ask me.  They also claim they did it because they are fiscally conservative, yet in one night they spent over $100,000 in just the severance pay of the city manager and the 10% raises that the two assistant city managers will get while they look for anew CityManager.  All because the man did what was asked of him by the former city council, these people couldn’t even give him a chance for him to do their own bidding.  I really want to know who our city council is listening to, if it is people who comment on our local paper’s website perhaps they need to rethink where they get their information, because that population – of which I am one, is a very small % of the population.  I am appalled that this is mynew citycouncil.

I am not even going to address the fact that they wasted another 50 grand on delaying the recycling carts just to have a stupid computer chip removed because our residents are paranoid and worried that the recycling company will actually go through their recycling – these citizens apparently do not realize that the city would have to pay for such an action and because we are a vocal bunch it would never happen anyway.

Oh and if you are a City Manager looking to move here to Gastonia, NC think about the fact that you will have to work with these people and put up with many citizens who do not trust anyone who wasn’t born here, I should know I am a transplant too.

If you are reading this and thinking, look another freaking liberal who doesn’t understand conservative government, think again.  I am tired of being called a liberal by people who do not know me.  I have been a card carrying Republican since I was 18.