I was driving to the fabric store yesterday thinking about something I had read earlier the day about helping those who are homeless and in need.  I noticed a car in the left turn lane which was stalled and really needed help getting out of the intersection.  It reminded me of the day I ran out of gas on a major road and was a bit stressed about getting hit.  In my case ten large burly men arrived and helped push my car to the gas station which was about 40 feet away – yes I ran out of gas THAT close to the station.  One family actually stayed to make sure I could start the car after I put gas in it.  I am profusely grateful to those men who helped me out.  Then it got me thinking about the year before I left Seattle and the early Tuesday mornings of helping at the teen shelter that 5 churches in the local area had created to giving shelter to run away teens in the evenings.  We also provided dinner and a hot breakfast on our day.  I got involved with this group and helped make breakfast for about a year once a week.  Then my thoughts returned to that driver, which I had passed on my way to the freeway.

So why didn’t I stop to help this person?  I couldn’t tell you, except that as a female I have always felt a bit intimidated about helping strangers in situations like that, yet I still feel bad that I didn’t stop. I mean shouldn’t we be paying it forward like that?  It made me wonder how others react to people in need.   Do you stop to help a motorist? Do you volunteer at a homeless shelter? Do you help in other ways?  I am still wrestling with the fact that I feel like I should do more than I feel I do and that perhaps I should step out and help another stranded motorist in a manner I was helped.