Spring has always been her time of year.  It is when she was born, when she finished school and when she became engaged.  Now if she could only manage to get married in the spring too, but things keep blocking that plan; her job has her flying back and forth nearly every month.  Her beloved fiancé is buried deep in his work and their families are fighting over everything to do with the wedding plans.  Who knew that joining two families together would be such a challenge?  Clearly Annie didn’t. The whole hitch with the families was a complete surprise to both her and Jeff. You see Annie and Jeff’s families have lived next door to each other for 30 years, they even vacation together, or rather they used to, but this whole planning the wedding has taken on a new facet in their lives and there may be no turning back.

“Have you given more thought to eloping to Vegas?”, Jeff asked Annie quietly as they returned home their condo after another evening of trying to wrangle in everyone.

“Yes, but you know banning the family might be easier. I really want the wedding you and I talked about, on the beach, sand in our feet, and our friends and close family” she replied.

“I still think we should have just gotten married the day after I proposed, we knew that everyone would want to get involved.”

“I know and who knew that both our moms had pent up wedding fantasies which they wanted to experience for the first time?” sighed Annie as she got out of the car.

Jeff laughed, “Yea I never knew my mom ever dreamed about a cathedral wedding dress. Honestly it was never on my radar ever.”

“And my dad? With the whole horse drawn carriage driving me up to the church, I am surprised he didn’t want a glass carriage and six footmen.” Annie said, “DON”T give him any ideas.”

Jeff grabbed her into a big hug, “Mmmmmmmm don’t worry, I am still trying to dial down my dad regarding a Vegas bachelor party and stag night at the local strip club.”

“You know our siblings didn’t have these experiences when they got married, why?” she asked.

“Because my brother didn’t marry the scrawny bucktoothed girl from next door.” replied Jeff as he opened the door to the condo.

“Hey! I was not bucktoothed, I had an overbite and it is fixed now.”

“I should say, you actually turned out pretty darn hot for a scrawny kid from town. I still remember when you tried climbing that huge cedar tree in the backyard in your Easter dress.  Your mom almost killed you.”

“As I recall, you were also climbing that tree in your Sunday clothes and you fell out of the tree and broke your arm, I was able to get down out of the tree with out ruining my dress.” Replied Annie before kissing Jeff.

“I got a lot of girl’s numbers from that broken arm you know.” Replied Jeff suavely.

“We were 10, you goof. Besides I don’t think Angie Parker ever wanted to do this to you.” Said Annie as she led him to the bedroom.